Frugal Tip #5: Cut your own hair

One of the things I’ve been doing by myself for the past 15 years has been to cut my own hair. I realize this blog post will be more useful for guys since I only know how to use a hair trimmer/clipper, but frugal enterprising girls will surely figure out a way to use the normal barber scissors too.

I started cutting my own hair because I figured that it was pretty inefficient to have to wait around 20 minutes at the local barber shop, pay 15-20$ every 3-4 weeks and waste time commuting back and forth. Plus, I didn’t like the cuts and I wanted to customize mine.

In fact, cutting your own hair is one of those situations where you’ll save time, money and have a better experience overall, so it’s a win-win-win, something I try to achieve with every frugal tip whenever possible.

Here’s what I use:

1- a hair clipper

2- barber scissors

3- a Roomba (I will write a separate post about them)

Efficient Preparation for Cutting your Own Hair:

  • The most efficient moment is when you need to take a shower, I tend to do this right after going to the gym. This is because you will need to shower afterwards, to remove all the hair clippings from your skin.
  • Take your trusty Roomba and pre-position it in the bathroom. This is because you will get hair clippings on the floor, and you don’t want to go looking for your Roomba leaving hair clippings around the house, so please heed my advice and put the robot vacuum there before you begin
  • Do NOT flush your clippings down the sink or you will clog it (ask me how I know). I put a couple of strings of toilet paper(or a newspaper page) in the dry sink so I can let the hair fall in there and throw it in the trash bin.
  • If you can do it in your underwear it’s better, otherwise you’ll probably get hair clippings in your clothes and they itch like crazy

Actual procedure:

  • Wash your hair, lightly dry it with a towel, then use the hair clipper to cut your sides and the backside of your head
  • Then lightly wet your hair at the top, and use the barber scissors to trim them at the desired height
  • Gently scrub away the clippings from your shoulders and let them fall on the floor
  • Activate Roomba and close the door
  • Shower. Done.
  • Bonus tip: do not leave your scissors wet or they will rust and lose their edge much sooner. Try to always dry them thoroughly. Best way is to use some scrubbing alcohol which completely removes moisture and disinfects the blades.

This should take around 20-30 minutes start to finish, which is probably less than the time it takes you to even commute to your local barber. Add to that the savings, the freedom to cut your hair the way you want it, no lines with chatty gossipy ladies, and the warm fuzzy feelings of learning a new life skill. Yay!

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